Registrations – Events

Teams participating in the Wisconsin Energy Efficient Vehicle Association events must register each vehicle using the below process. Teams MUST be affiliated with WEEVA to complete this process. This is an annual process and is to be completed by each school/team. Registration is per car, per event.

* * *

Event Registration Form: This form allows each team to register their cars for the various events you intend to compete in.

2017 – 2018 SPRING Event Registration Form

* * *

School Insurance Certificate(s): Each event requires various Insurance Certificates to be eligible to compete. Though WEEVA collects these, they are at the request of each event. Read closely to page 2 of the Registration Form as there is SPECIFIC LANGUAGE NEEDED on each certificate – this information needs to get to the proper people for the certificate request from your school.

2017 – 2018 School/Admin. Perm. & Insurance Forms – SPRING EVENTS

* * *

Event Registration Fee: This fee (varies from event to event) supports the operations of running a Supermileage and/or Electrathon Event. This fee is applied per car, per event. Items covered include; facility rental, mileage for volunteers, copies, inspection equipment, safety and more.


or Pay online at the WEEVA STOREFRONT