MONTHLY REPORTS are due; January 31st, February 28th, and March 31st. Each report contains details from the previous 30 days… Please be sure to indicate your Vehicle # and Vehicle Class on each report! Part of the GRAND CHAMPION award is the completion of monthly reports. Submit your reports to ElectrathonReports@ChallengeWisconsin.org by the above due dates for points. (Late points will be applied – minus 1pt per day late)

Each monthly report should include:
* School Name
* Advisor(s)
* Address, Phone, and email
* Vehicle #
* Vehicle Class
* Team member names, roles and grade levels
* Period covered by report (dates)

One page description of work plans and progress should include:
* Summary of progress since last report
* Any problems encountered and your solutions.

Reports are each worth 25 points towards the Grand Champion Award

* * *

FINAL REPORT DUE May 1st – worth 100 points towards the Grand Champion Award

Final report rubric

Must Include the following 4 sheets in your final report.
* Instructor Certification Sheet – Battery Information
* Instructor Certification Sheet – Driver Exit Time & Field of Vision
* Labor List
* Parts List

Rubrics for the Final report are below for each class.
* Instructor Certification Sheet – Class 1
* Instructor Certification Sheet – Class 2
* Instructor Certification Sheet – Class 3

Inspection Forms

Inspection forms