Engineering the Future


WEEVA provides students an opportunity to develop unique ideas about saving energy in vehicles.


Students involved in WEEVA events Calculate Stresses and mechanical advantage to solve problems.


WEEVA looks to provide students with an opportunity to look to the future and what is possible and how to invent what is new.


Students involved in WEEVA activities use research to solve real word problems and create working solutions.

Have fun

Our experiments drive, and students get to drive them.


We provide students an opportunity to  work with industry, parents and advisers to achieve their goals and work for a better tomorrow.


2017 Sponsors


WEEVA sponsors make S.T.E.M. happen in Wisconsin.  Below you will find a list of our sponsors. We would like to thank them for support of S.T.E.A.M. Education during the 2016-2017 event Season

Road America

UW- Stout

Fox Valley Technical College




Organic Valley



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Our Mission

Wisconsin  Energy Efficient Vehicle Association was established to continue a high level of rigorous challenges as well as continuity between the events in Wisconsin. WEEVA strives to engage schools, business, industry and leaders in Wisconsin to take part in these events as well as possible sponsorships.





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